SEM Dynamics LLC
WCAG Compliance Test Results

Test ID: 1546124441
Company Name: SEM Dynamics LLC
Conforms to: WCAG 2.1 A / AA / AAA
Date Last Tested: 12/26/2018
Website Screen Shot

Website screen shot at the time of testing.


The website owned by SEM Dynamics LLC ( was tested on 12/26/2018 for the purpose of determining conformity to the Web Content Accessibility Guideline that has been issued by the W3C.


SEM Dynamics manually audited the pages contained within to insure that those web pages conformed to the W3C's guidelines. When determining contrast of foreground and background color(s), software was utilized to determine a ratio of contrast. Each success criteria is evaluated and graded. The specific guideline is then issued a grade based on success criteria.

These test results are not a guarantee of conformity or accessibility but only the test results of SEM Dynamics' audit of on 12/26/2018. Alteration of the website or changes in guidelines since the time of the audit may affect the current conformity levels.

Continuous Research

Each guideline is graded based on its success criteria. A letter grade of A, or AA is issued based on the guidelines outlined by the W3C. Each score shown in the testing results is based on the highest results achieved for that guidelines success criteria. If success criteria of differing levels exist, that guideline will display each differing level.

Example 1: If the audit success criteria in regards to the "Adaptable" guideline conclude that the website conforms to a level of "A" in the use of color but a level of "AA" in images of text, the "Adaptable" will display "A/AA"

Note: In some instances, a guideline many only have a single level of grading available.

For more information on specific testing criteria and what is tested, please visit


Perceivable AA
Non Text Alternatives AA

Decorative images are marked as such. Font icons that decorative only utilize the “aria-hidden” attribute.

Time-based Media AA

Audio and video offer closed caption, subtitles, and transcripts that closely recreate the audible media.

Adaptable AA
Distinguishable AA


Operable A / AA / AAA
Keyboard Accessible A
Enough Time AA
Physical Reactions AA
Navigable AA
Input Modality AA


Understandable AA
Readable AA
Predictable AA
Input Assistance AA


Robust AA
Compatible AA