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Content marketing for law firms

For years, search marketers have been shouting from the hilltops, "CONTENT IS KING!" But the years of pouring out content for the sake of content have finally been laid to rest. Find out how you can make quality content for your law firm that gets visitors and converts them into signed cases.

How to level up your Google reviews

Obtaining five-star reviews will help to increase your visibility on Google Maps, but the content within the reviews is what will get your firm listed on more keywords. Learn the three easy questions that you can start asking today that will naturally increase the number of keywords that your law firm will show up for.
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Achieve top rankings on Google Maps

Optimizing your law firm for Google Maps is a great way to bypass the organic results and generate new leads. Discover the top ranking factors that you can target to gain top placement on Google Maps.
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Top 12 Legal Directories

There are hundreds of directories on the Internet. It's important that you focus your energy on those directories that offer the best opportunities to deliver ROI. So, we did the heavy lifting, sifted through the legal directories, and came up with our list of the top twelve online directories for law firm to focus on.

Popular SEO Software

Here is a helpful list of software that we either use, or recommend, to track and optimize website? Here's our personal “stack” of software and service, along with some great services that we have use in the past and recommend.


aHrefs is a great online software provider that allows you to carry out a great deal of research and analysis. They have tools to view the links from one website to another, competitive analysis tools, keyword research tools, placement tracking, content analysis tools, and site health scanning. These are one of the tools that we use on an almost daily basis.
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Similar to aHrefs, Moz offers an array of SEO software solutions. They are best known for their “Domain Authority” rating, link analysis, and keyword research tools.
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Owned by Moz, Stat offers large-scale rank tracking and analysis with data that is updated daily. Track keyword positioning by city, zip code, device, custom tag, etc. You can track your competitors share of voice, competitive landscape, and SERP features. All data presented is highly customizable to suit your particular needs.
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An outstanding alternative to Stat, Accuranker also provides local results, competitive metrics, share of voice tracking, and daily data updates. Plus, you can manually trigger a data update as often as every two hours.
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