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Top tips to reduce wasted Google Ad spend

If overlooked, a small oversight in your Google Ads could cost thousands of dollars in wasted ad spend. Learn the top mistakes that you can avoid to help save your Google Ads budget. If overlooked, a small oversight in your Google Ads could cost thousands of dollars in wasted ad spend. Increase your ROI by decreasing wasted ad spend.

How to write Google search ads that get results

Writing search ads for Google is part science and part art. In this article we are covering all aspects of your Google Ads account and how you can increase your click-through rate AND decrease your cost per click. Discover how to write search ads that will get you results.

Popular PPC Management Tools

We put together a list of popular PPC management tools that many agencies and account managers use. The list of these tools is in no particular order. Our team has used most of them over the years, and many of these tools might be better suited to you based on your knowledge base and experience. We recommend looking into each one of these to find a tool that is best suited for your business.

Google Tools

Google Ads Editor

Google Ads Editor is a must-use tool when managing large accounts. It allows you to export your campaign, make multiple changes, and re-upload them back into your Google Ads account. It is a time saver when you want to make changes on a larger scale.
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Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a great tool that will help you find the right keywords to include in your Google Ads campaigns. This tool can help find keywords that are relevant to your business and show their estimated search volume. It will also provide you with an expected bid for each keyword in your geographical area, which will help you determine your advertising budget.
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Ad Preview and Diagnosis

Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool will help identify how your ads and ad extensions appear in the Google result page for specific keywords. It also helps identify the reasons why your ads might not be serving. You can select to preview your ads for specific search terms and geographical locations.
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Account Management Tools


Optmyzr is a PPC management tool for search, display shopping, and video ads. It has many features that allow for easy account maintenance and adjustments. Some features include scripts, bid management, tracking quality score, running A/B tests, and many more. If you are new to PPC management, this will give you the tools and advice you need to improve your campaign.
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WordStream is another tool that can help manage your Google Ads account. It is known for its account grader features that will analyze your campaigns and provide recommendations for improvements. Similar to Optmyzr, WordStream has features that will help with day to day account management. It also helps to build out new campaigns, improving quality score, managing bids, optimizing ads, and more.
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Competitive Analysis and Keyword/Ad Research Tools


SpyFu is a great tool that not only allows you to see what keywords your competitors are bidding on. It also shows historical ad copy, which helps you to understand what your competitors were testing and what did and didn't perform for them. SpyFu is a must for those who are building out new campaigns and want to do competitive research.
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SEMrush provides competitive insight into ad copy, landing pages, target keywords, and competitor's ad budget. This tool will give you the ability to see your competitors' Google Display Network (GDN) strategy and spot new publishers. SEMrush is also known for its organic keywords rank-tracking, competitor tracking, and backlink profile analysis.
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Like other competitor insight tools, iSpionage provides data for competitors' estimated monthly budgets, target keywords, ad, and landing page copy. One of its best and unique features is the Campaign Watch. It monitors your competitor's strategy and notifies you of any changes such as keywords, ads, and landing page changes.
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Ahrefs is more known as an SEO tool, but it also has a robust PPC research capability. It can show you your competitors' ads and keywords they are bidding on. Ahrefs also has excellent features for keyword research and allows you to arrange them by price and volume.
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Click Fraud Prevention


ClickGuard can help ensure that your ads budget doesn't get wasted on fraudulent clicks. It primarily detects IP addresses of fraudulent clicks and blocks the IP in the Google Ads account. This ensures that your ads no longer show up to these users, and they do not get an opportunity to click on your ads. You also get to select how aggressive you want to be with this tool. It's great for competitive industries where the cost per click is high.
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ClickCease blocks the IP addresses in the Google Ads dashboard to prevent specific individuals from seeing your ads. You can set parameters for what you consider to be a fraudulent click and which IPs should be blocked.
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Call Tracking Tools


CallRail is a call tracking tool that allows you to see where your calls are coming from on the campaign level, keyword, and ad level. You can use this tool to accurately count calls as conversions in Google Ads and Google Analytics. It is a great tool that will allow you to see beyond clicks and analyze how your campaigns are performing.
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Call Tracking Metrics

Call Tracking Metrics is an alternative to CallRail with all the same functionality. It also allows you to track calls from every campaign on the keyword and ad level. Call Tracking Metrics also integrates with Google Ads platform, and imports call as conversion goals.
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Landing Page Optimization Tools


Hotjar is a great tool to help you understand and improve the user experience on your website through heat maps, session recordings, and contact form analytics. It also has funnel analytics and form tracking tools to help you better understand your page's performance.
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Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg allows you to see heat maps and session recordings on your website. It also has an A/B testing option. It will enable you to see how people are viewing and navigating your pages and what changes make the most significant impact.
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Unbounce allows you to easily create landing pages and run A/B or multiple variant tests through their platform. It is a great tool to help you create and test pages without having to update the URLs in the Google Ads account.
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