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The Most Reliable Way To Bring In New Clients

When done right, few marketing channels are as reliable as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising for lawyers. This channel allows you to immediately position your firm in front of “ready now” clients and bring in the exact cases you want.

Normally, when you start a PPC campaign, you need to invest time and money testing ads and identifying what will work for your unique business and niche. Not so with SEM Dynamics. We’ve worked with firms just like yours in numerous markets and know exactly what is needed to achieve a profitable ad ROI within the first month.

Growth from 48 to 150 signed cases.

Results you can count on. Our paid search management services will drive "ready now" customers to your law firm. Chart showing over 100% increase of year-over-year customer acquisitions.

Year-over-year results from a law firm client.

What To Expect When You Work With SEM Dynamics

We Focus On The Only Metric That Matters

While leads are the immediate result of PPC campaigns, there’s only one metric that really matters: are you getting more clients at a positive ROI?

Unlike most agencies, this is the only metric we focus on. Our proven PPC methods incorporate both the initial lead capture and the conversion process, and we take full responsibility for your real ROI throughout the entire process.

We Don’t Work With Your Competitors

When you work with SEM Dynamics, you get a true PPC partner. We aren’t here to extract payment from every law firm on the block. Our goal is to help each of our client’s absolutely dominate their space and then stay at the top, and that’s why our contracts include a non-compete guarantee.

When you work with us, you lock us up from your market for as long as you’re with us, and combined with our consistent results, this is why the vast majority of our clients stick with us long term.

We Set Your Firm Up For Long Term Success

Our short term results are frankly phenomenal, and we’re excited to show you some behind-the-scenes case studies on our call, but what we really care about is long term success. We want to work with you for life, and our clients consistently feel the same way.

Unlike many agencies, we don’t emphasize short term tactics that look good on paper but don’t benefit your firm in the long run. We aren’t going for the 12-month contract. Our proven PPC methods are designed to keep you moving onward and upward for decades, not months, and we especially love working with clients who take that same long term view of their business.

We Only Do Month-To-Month Contracts

While we work with your long term interest in mind, we are so confident in the immediate and ongoing results we can provide for your firm, that we only offer month-to-month contracts. You can cancel our services at any time.

At the end of each month, you will receive an invoice before the next month’s service. If you want to pause or cancel service, no problem. Let us know, and we will adjust your campaign at the end of that month.

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SEM Dynamics helped bring my business from brand new to flourishing. Without retaining the services of any other company, they were able to fully take care of my marketing and SEO needs. Throughout the process of working with SEM Dynamics, they provided me with guidance, insight, and tips for increasing the online presence and visibility of my company.

I could not have succeeded so well and so quickly without their valuable services, and I would recommend SEM Dynamics to anyone wanting to have an SEO and online marketing advantage in this competitive market.

– Jessie Zaylía, Esq., CA Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Our PPC Services

Most agencies try to get PPC campaigns to break even and then move on to the next client. These firms often have multiple clients within the same market, so their main goal is to balance the competing ad results of multiple clients rather than try and push one client to the top. Not so at SEM Dynamics. We use every tool in our capacity to help you crush the competition and then build an ever-increasing moat around your lead. Ongoing A/B and Multivariate testing for both ads and landing pages are a big part of this strategy. We use the data that we collect from heat maps and successful campaigns to hypothesize and test new ideas with the potential to increase your ROI and further your firm’s lead in the PPC space. As your long term partner, this process never stops. We are always pushing to get you better results.

As we mentioned earlier, our work doesn't stop after the ad is clicked. We take full responsibility for the entire process, from ad to close. If the ad clicks aren’t turning into calls, we optimize your website pages to improve the conversion rates. Our process includes heat maps, visitor recordings, and live user studies and has proven effective at every firm we’ve worked across numerous markets. And if the calls aren’t closing, we adjust our targeting to send you better quality leads that will turn into real clients. And even after you are getting great results, we are constantly looking to improve them. We use utilize data-driven analysis and testing to consistently increase conversions and lower your customer acquisition costs.

The best ad campaigns have the best data tracking. Our focus is not to just drive website traffic and generate new leads. We focus specifically on ROI. We will work with your team to set up in-depth conversion tracking that matches each new signed case to the campaign, ad group, and keyword that generated it. We then upload this data back into your Google Ads dashboard, continuously improving the inputs for your ad campaign and optimizing that campaign around your best cost per case.

To deliver new signed cases at a lowest cost per client acquisition, our experts optimize everything from ads to targeting to user experience. Thanks to years of direct experience, we’ve discovered that emphasizing your Quality Score can dramatically lower your costs. This ensures that your keywords are receiving the highest position at the lowest possible cost per click. Having a well-optimized campaign with a high-quality score will lead to a lower cost-per-lead and a lower cost per signed case.

The Process


We will gather all the information that is needed to make your firm's campaign a success.

Analyze & Set Up

Through competitor and industry analysis, a custom plan is created for your account.

Launch & Optimize

It's time to launch your campaign. Every step is monitored and optimized to ensure the greatest level of success.

Track Results & Adjust

Analyzing the results and uploading conversions to optimize campaign for the leads that turn into signed cases.

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